Non-Residential Programs

Many of our Affiliates have built a non-residential component into their programming. Non-residential programs are for children whose home circumstances do not demand out-of-home placement, but who would benefit from Boys Hope Girls Hope programming.

Children in our non-residential programs receive the same arms-around, whole-person care and support as those living in our homes...

They are enrolled at no expense to their families or caregivers in college-preparatory programs in top-rated area schools.

They are matched with tutors who help them reach their academic potential, and mentors who share their life experience.

They participate in a full range of obligatory extracurricular activities designed to help them discover themselves and the world around them, and in community service projects that teach them the value of living a life of service to others.

They participate in The College Road, Boys Hope Girls Hope's comprehensive college preparation curriculum. To learn more about The College Road, click here.

They receive academic, psychological, financial, and spiritual support through college.

To find out which Affiliates currently have non-residential programs, contact the Program Director in your city.

For a complete list of locations and contact information,click here.