Upcoming Calendar
Thanksgiving Celebration: Nov. 27
Junior Board Christmas Wrap Party: Dec. 14
BHGH Christmas Party: Dec. 16
Reveillon: Feb. 11
Run for Hope in the Crescent City Classic 10k: April 15
BHGH Golf Tournament: May TBD
Dominican High School Graduation: Congrats Tori!
Fordham University Graduation: Congrats Journee!
LA Tech Graduation: Congrats Daniella!
Loyola Graduation: Congrats My!
LSU Graduation: Congrats Daniel!

UNO Graduation: Congrats Michelle!
BHGH Graduation Party: May TBD

Latest News...

Have you heard?!?

5 BHGH Collegians will graduate in 2017 from

Fordham, LA Tech, Loyola, LSU, and UNO!!!

Consider donating to BHGH this holiday season. When you give a gift,
you empower future graduates.