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Collegian Cafe 8/9: Career Exploration Summer Series

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NASA Opportunities For Scholars and Collegians

Monday, August 9th 5pm PDT | 6pm MDT | 7pm CDT | 8pm EDT

Collegian Cafe 9/9: Career Exploration Summer Series

Throughout the summer, Collegian Café has hosted a special series focused on career exploration.

Collegians and scholars have been able to connect with speakers who covered a diverse range of career fields and topics. For our last session, we will be joined by two representatives from NASA, Raj Venkatapathy, Senior Technologist for Entry System Technologies, and David Hash, Chief, Entry Systems and Technology Division. They will talk all about NASA and the opportunities for scholars and collegians.

A reminder that scholars and collegians are invited to the Collegian Café summer sessions. Please share the link throughout your affiliate.

If you have any questions contact  James Williams, Director of Post-Secondary Success and Strategic