Collegiate Prep 2022 | Level Up!

After two years of virtual gatherings, Boys Hope Girls Hope’s Collegiate Prep 2022 in St. Louis was a smashing success! Nearly 80 recent high school graduates from our US-based affiliates spent a jam-packed week reflecting on and celebrating their Boys Hope Girls Hope experience and focusing on the upcoming transition to college.

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Originally used by gamers to describe their ascent from within a video game’s challenges, “level up” has become a term to mean raising one’s game, changing the way one thinks, applying knowledge, advancing, or changing one’s station in life. Our goal is for all participants to level up to college with the knowledge and skills to help them level up in life! 

Twelve Boys Hope Girls Hope collegians served as Legacy Leaders, guiding small groups through all the activities, and making every aspect of the week possible. Engaging presenters gave critical guidance on mental health, healthy relationships, safety on campus, and navigating college and career advancement, while our Network Headquarters team devoted countless hours to developing the content, coordinating logistics, and implementing of the experience with affiliate direct-care team members who also made the trek with their scholars. Dozens of volunteers were the heart and soul of sessions to build networking and STEAM skills.

Collegiate Prep 2022 | Level Up!

Dates: June 19 – 24, 2022 

Main Location: Saint Louis University 

High School Graduates: 76  

Legacy Leaders: 12 

Team Members: 25 

Volunteers from Corporate Partners: 68  

Affiliates Represented: Arizona, Cincinnati, Colorado, Detroit, Illinois, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Northeastern Ohio, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Southern California, St. Louis 

# of Colleges and Universities Represented: 48 

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All of this happened because of generous support! We thank our donors, partners, and volunteers for providing the resources to make Collegiate Prep 2022 an enriching and memorable capstone experience for our high school graduates who are preparing to head off to college. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of the moments that make Collegiate Prep a launching pad for their next critical phase in life. 

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“The Boys Hope Girls Hope program has helped me open up more, and helped me thrive in situations where I wanted to stay to myself, and I thank them for that.”



In the spirit of using resources wisely and providing access at their fingertips to all that Collegiate Prep has to offer, Collegiate Prep 2022 went paperless. The session guide took the form of an app that scholars and Legacy Leaders used to follow their daily schedule, find their way around the Saint Louis University campus, and learn more about Collegiate Prep speakers. The app also offered guidance on creating Legacy Statements, enhancing one’s presence, and networking. For this online generation, it also made it easy to post and share their photos and thoughts on the week! 

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Legacy Leaders arrived in St. Louis for orientation. This group of current collegians, who applied for the opportunity to work closely with scholars throughout the week, used this time to become well acquainted with the week’s busy schedule, learn about their specific assignments, and focus on skills for facilitating group discussion and building community within their Legacy Groups. The Network Headquarters team provided guidance on helping scholars prepare reflections on their experience in Boys Hope Girls Hope through Legacy Statements.

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JUNE 20 | DAY 1

Collegiate Prep 2022 officially kicked off! More than 80 scholars and team members arrived on campus at Saint Louis University from affiliates across our Network. Scholars checked in to the dorm; attended a welcome barbecue and reception; and met their Legacy Leaders, group members, and the Network Headquarters team. Legacy Leaders also attended the Intel Future Skills Academy to prepare them for effective leadership during Day 2. 

“Boys Hope Girls Hope prepared me for my journey with all that I need, so I can be a light for the world to see.”


JUNE 21 | DAY 2

We devoted the day to an Intel® FutureSkills Workshop, led by the Intel Corporation team in partnership with World Wide Technology with volunteers from both companies. The scholars participated in several experiential activities that allowed them to think differently about  embracing failure, flexibility, patience, and more. After donning their professional attire, our soon-to-be collegians headed to our Collegiate Prep Edward Jones Networking Night. After a session on how to leverage LinkedIn led by Edward Jones team members Jenna King and Juan Carbajal (a Boys Hope Girls Hope alumnus), they had the opportunity to have a professional head shot taken and engaged in a speed-networking reception to learn about careers with a diverse group of professionals from different industries and fields. We ended the night with a pizza party and a hangout session at SLU’s Spring Hall.  

JUNE 22 | DAY 3

Our scholars started with a scavenger hunt across the Saint Louis University campus to find important resources they will need to find on their own college campuses. Next, they attended two panel discussions about campus life and healthy relationships. During this time, Legacy Leaders engaged in roundtable discussions on Boys Hope Girls Hope marketing, the impact of scholarship support on goal achievement and college success, and the development of our My Road “3.0” social growth platform curriculum for all Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars (99% of the Legacy Leaders will participate in creating content for this curriculum). During Legacy group meetings, Legacy Leaders also helped scholars fine tune their Legacy Statements. Thanks to in-kind contributors, our scholars, Legacy Leaders, and affiliate team members spent the evening unwinding and bonding at St. Louis Union Station with dinner, mini golf, a ride on The Wheel, and a tour of the St. Louis Aquarium. 

“With the burdens I’ve shouldered in my life, I’ve become someone who is strong and an empowering spirit to others.”


JUNE 23 | DAY 4

For scholars, this full day included a session by Tracie Berry-McGhee titled “Your Mental Health is Wealth,” scholarship workshops, a conversation about a bold vision for the future with Boys Hope Girls Hope President & CEO Kristin Ostby, and a college Q&A session with Legacy Leaders. Volunteers from Mastercard held a career workshop, where they reviewed the resumes of Legacy Leaders and conducted practice interviews with them. The Legacy Leaders also enjoyed a session on “Thought Evolution – How to Unlock your Inner Genius” by New York Times best-selling author and former banking CEO Bill Donius. We capped the day with a dinner to celebrate our “Class of 2022,” culminating in the sharing of Legacy Statements. In these very personal and profound moments, scholars told their own stories about what the Boys Hope Girls Hope journey has meant for them and what they hope to accomplish in the future. The evening ended on an energetic note as group photos and awarding of graduation certificates turned an impromptu dance party! 

“There are so many opportunities with Boys Hope Girls Hope, and so may things I can do at once, and I really appreciate that”


JUNE 24 | DAY 5

To wrap up Collegiate Prep 2022, scholars headed to our Network Headquarters in the Hill neighborhood of St. Louis to hear from social media influencer Phoebe Hines about balancing college, life, and career. They had their long-awaited College Callout, each announcing where they are officially headed this fall. As they enjoyed a final meal together before heading back to their families, jobs, and school, a few tears were shed. In just one week, our scholars and Legacy Leaders formed bonds that will lift them throughout their college years. 

At Collegiate Prep 2022, we heard amazing stories of perseverance and resilience. We can’t wait to see what the Class of 2022 will do in the future!  

“My goal in life is to succeed,
while also helping others around me.”