Holiday Blessings from our Founder, Rev. Paul Sheridan, SJ

Holiday Blessings from our Founder, Paul Sheridan, SJ 5
Holiday Blessings from our Founder, Paul Sheridan, SJ 2
Holiday Blessings from our Founder, Paul Sheridan, SJ 1
Holiday Blessings from our Founder, Paul Sheridan, SJ
Top to Bottom: Father Paul Sheridan, Founder; with Kristin Ostby de Barillas, President and CEO in 2017; in 1977, the program's first year.

During this sacred time of year, Father Paul, like other elders, has been isolating to stay safe during the pandemic. As a beloved board member and advisor, members of the Boys Hope Girls Hope team stay in touch with him. Those who are familiar with Father Paul, know he is always deeply thoughtful and still has great passion for this work. He would like to share these reflections with the Boys Hope Girls Hope family and community.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are experiencing some very challenging days, but through your efforts, we have navigated well as a family!

To our houseparents, you have been amazing in nurturing our children in a ‘lockdown’ era. Your dedication and warmth, have been essential to the wellbeing of our students!  This has come at a cost. But you have prevailed.

To our administrators, you have led in a very effective way, shielding the homes from COVID and enabling our students to continue to learn and have a semblance of normality.

To our board members, your guidance on so many different planes has backed our local program administrators, Kristin and her team. Thank you for sharing your gifts in such a bountiful way.

And to Kristin, the Network Headquarters, US affiliates, and the Latin American teams, thank you so much for your steady hands in guiding the work: day after day, evening after evening.

Finally, to our splendid donors, you have rallied behind us even when it was not “the best of times for you!” What love that is.

Yes, Christmas has been celebrated for a long time. We live the lives that must make God so pleased with us.

Every day, and in many moments, be it at the altar, at my desk, or when I go to bed, my heart is filled by your goodness.  And it is you (collectively) that bring the Christ-child to me.

Thank you so much, thank you!

Father Paul Sheridan