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Perry’s Story

Perry’s StoryBoys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco Bay alumnus, Perry Im, joined the program as a residential scholar in sixth grade. The youngest of seven children, none of his older siblings had graduated high school.

“I had different plans. I wanted to go to college,” Perry revealed.

However, given his family’s history, he focused his efforts on completing high school. His mentor, realizing that Perry had potential and was not challenged enough in his current school, encouraged him to apply.

“It was difficult adjusting at first. I grew up in a huge family, and I didn’t get to see them every day. It was also a culturally different neighborhood,” Perry said, who noted that his mom was an immigrant and did not speak English.

After a few months, Perry opened up and connected with the other boys in the program.

“I realized I could relate in many ways to the boys in the home, and we quickly became a brotherhood,” he added.

Settled into the program, he began to realize the opportunities, specifically building connections with supporters, volunteers, and donors to the program. It also helped him become closer to his family.

“We are super close, closer than before. Boys Hope Girls Hope helped us value one another more and show more appreciation. More importantly, it helped me encourage my sibling to get their education, and now they are all successful.” Perry happily expressed.

Perry attended California State University, East Bay where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Hospitality. He also joined the AmeriCorps program and gave back to Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco Bay as a Community Resource Coordinator. After completing his service through AmeriCorps he joined Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco Bay full time as the Middle School Coordinator at Hope Academy. He now serves as the Academy Manager, overseeing the entire Hope Academy.

“Currently we have 21 scholars in the program from 8th to 12th grade. I make sure scholars receive the support and resources they need, and that their curriculum and interventions are incorporated into their daily schedule. I also recruit scholars and build relationships with them and their families. It is not uncommon for me to go to school meetings and parent conferences on behalf of our scholars.”

Looking to the future, Perry believes the program has the capacity to grow more and branch out to different areas in the Bay. He aspires to have a location exclusively for the Hope Academy so that the program can build up to serve 50 scholars.

Perry Im
Hope Academy Manager 
Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco


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