Salesforce and Boys Hope Girls Hope Partner for Mock Interview Day

Salesforce and Boys Hope Girls Hope Partner for Mock Interview Day 3

Boys Hope Girls Hope and corporate partner, Salesforce, hosted a virtual Mock Interview Day for collegians on Thursday, May 27th. The purpose of the Mock Interview Day was to help collegians practice their interview skills. This was an opportunity for them to learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, and gain confidence as they prepare for an actual job interview.  

Collegians from across the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network participated and gained valuable feedback from the Salesforce team member they interviewed with. 

“We’re very grateful to Salesforce Area VP of Commercial Sales Ryan Dardis for organizing this endeavor and all the team members who gave their time and advice to our Boys Hope Girls Hope collegians,” said Boys Hope Girls Hope President & CEO Kristin Ostby de Barillas.

Salesforce and Boys Hope Girls Hope partner for
Christopher from our St. Louis affiliate and Claire Pelton of Salesforce
Salesforce and Boys Hope Girls Hope partner for 1
Justin Brantley of Salesforce and Omar from our Detroit affilate

“I enjoyed my Salesforce Mock interview. I met with Brian Gallagher and Ken Stolman, and they were absolutely wonderful. I got great tips and I know for sure that I will be well prepared for my next job interview,” said Genesis Canizales, a third year collegian from the Arizona affiliate.

To prepare for the interview, Salesforce volunteers were given a list of sample questions and a scoring rubric to complete after providing feedback. They were also able to get to know the collegians personally while imparting their experience and knowledge. 

“Thanks for letting our team participate and help today,” said Katy Barson, a Strategic Account Executive with Salesforce. “It was great to meet Evan. I loved his energy.” she said of Evan Carter, a collegian from the St. Louis affiliate.  

In total, eight collegians from five affiliates participated in the mock interview day. Mock interviews will resume during the fall semester. Boys Hope Girls Hope extends a huge thank you to the Salesforce team for their time and expertise in helping our young people become career-ready! For more information email James Williams, jwilliams@bhgh.org.