ALL In is a journey of discovery, action, and transformation.

An international program that connects youth with their communities, builds critical skills, and provides a safe space for dialogue on issues of cultural identity. Young people work in facilitated groups to select a problem, develop a social justice project, and collaborate with community organizations and others to implement solutions.

Our signature ALL In program builds upon the value Boys Hope Girls Hope has always had of cultivating service leadership (“Men and Women For and With Others,” in the Jesuit tradition) as a value for the young people we serve and the organization as a whole.

ALL In 1

Youth are given a voice and choice to identify and collaboratively implement a community service project.

ALL In 2

They reflect upon and share what this intensive and collaborative experience has taught them about their identity, values, skills, and future goals.

ALL In 3

They take these learnings and a renewed sense of commitment to justice and apply it to ongoing and future community engagement, creating a cycle of learning and action.

How it Works

ALL In links young people, college students, volunteers, and team members from across the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network (which spans the United States, Guatemala, and Mexico) and beyond on a virtual platform to engage in dynamic conversation with prominent leaders of social change.

Inspired by one another, and with a deepened appreciation of their own cultural identity, they recognize the intersection of their own passion and the needs of a well-defined community or group.

As small group teams, they plan, execute, and evaluate the impact of a service project, and create a capstone demonstration of their learnings to share with the larger group.

Partner Organizations

ALL In provides the means and opportunity for youth to LINK their passion and efforts with those of other young people, regardless of geography. Together they can find safe and brave spaces to have courageous and supportive conversations, encourage one another’s hopes and dreams, celebrate accomplishments, and provide inspiration and renewal when the work becomes hard.  In addition to youth joining forces together, they also do so with the mentorship and guidance of world-class luminaries and leaders who look like them, have aligned passions, and are taking action – just like them.

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Ways To Be ALL In

ALL In Scholar Leader

This is the title for the student participants.  All ages are eligible, but young people must bring honesty, a willingness to try new things, respect for others, and a sense of humor.

ALL In Collegian Assistant Coach

College students can participate and assist on project teams, developing their leadership skills, giving back to the community, and enriching their resumes.

ALL In Coach

Coaches co-facilitate project groups, serve as role models in the journey, and facilitate scholar ownership and leadership in the process (at least 2 coaches per group). Community volunteers can also apply for this important role.

*Coaches Preparation will include dynamic expert trainers, team building, and planning in four 1.5 hour sessions during the two weeks prior to program launch.

This program is made possible by:
Valhalla Foundation