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We nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women for others.

We know that access to quality education, opportunity, and a network of support changes everything for a young person. That’s why Boys Hope Girls Hope makes sure our scholars, collegians, and alumni can count on us for the long term. We partner with them and their families to offer pathways that provide the right support at the right time.

Our scholars seek out the program and come to us with a hunger to learn, grow, and BE the hope. They have the ability. We supply the opportunity.


We spend years with each scholar—from middle school to college and career launch—attuned to their individual needs, helping them to leverage their strengths, and reach their potential.

We provide dynamic family-like environments, goal setting and mentoring, college and career preparation, life skills, financial literacy, as well as emotional, social, and spiritual support.

We instill in our scholars the value of being a person for others—to serve in their community, to recognize and reflect upon social issues they care deeply about, to believe they can be a change maker, to lead with confidence, and to pay it forward.


We partner with motivated young people in need and their families.

Need can include a variety of factors, such as financial hardship, severe stress on the family, parent/guardian illness, neighborhood violence, and lack of quality educational access. These factors can pose significant barriers to a young person realizing their potential. 

In the face of adversity, the young people selected as Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars show grit and resilience. As they develop supportive relationships with adults, they set goals, work hard, and gain confidence in how they can be part of the change needed in their communities.  

As Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars, they find belonging in a vibrant community, embrace a variety of learning experiences and develop the skills and responsibilities to strive for excellence and school and success with purpose-focused personal goals. 

young people served across our Network


are girls and young women


are first-generation college students


are from low-income households


are from underrepresented minority groups


We have one program with two unique but complementary pathways to meet young people’s needs.



In each Boys Hope Girls Hope home, six to twelve scholars are cared for and guided round-the-clock by professional team members. Scholars are enrolled in college-preparatory programs at top-rated area schools, do homework together, meet with tutors, share chores, attend their preferred religious services, eat, and grow up together. Scholars visit their families on a regular schedule of weekends and holidays.


Academies apply our long-term, intensive programming to young people who can live at home. Academy scholars receive time, attention, and resources to meet their personal needs and to set their individual goals and action plans. The Boys Hope Girls Hope Academy takes place in a variety of settings. Some are on Boys Hope Girls Hope campuses with Residential homes. Others take place in partner schools.

Support for Collegians & Alumni

Boys Hope Girls Hope not only prepares scholars for college, but continues to provide emotional, financial, independent living, and educational support for collegians, including exclusive university scholarship opportunities. Alumni have networking, mentoring, career assistance, service, and leadership opportunities available to them.


Boys Hope Girls Hope uniquely offers young people the benefits from a strong combination of deep local impact as well as activities, interactions, travel, diverse perspectives, and unique experiences through signature Network programming and initiatives that build curiosity, purpose, and perseverance.

My Road
My Road
Collegiate Prep
Collegiate Prep


Boys Hope Girls Hope has been around for 45 years, and our mission is critical now more than ever. Too many young people face intense barriers to their healthy well-being and personal development. Learning disparities, trauma, food insecurity, and depression, especially among teens, are on the rise. Educational costs are escalating. The Covid-19 pandemic has left even more young people facing grief or parents who are chronically ill. And all of this is more prevalent in communities of color. Boys Hope Girls Hope’s mission, program model, and approach are just as relevant today as when we started in 1977. Through studying research, performing regular evaluations of our work, and building new strategic partnerships, we’re staying true to our mission, adapting to these ever-changing times, and finding new ways to help more young people thrive.


Boys Hope Girls Hope employs an extensive system of quality assurance checks and standards to ensure that:

  • our scholars receive the best care possible
  • our donors’ dollars are used responsibly and effectively
  • programming is delivered according to our research-informed. best practices and Boys Hope Girls Hope standards

Our progressive learning and growth are driven by continuous quality improvement through our Performance Management Tool (PMT).

Developed by Network Headquarters, the PMT includes a semi-annual assessment across six organizational domains. Each affiliate’s local board of directors and leadership team performances a self-study of its compliance, outcomes, and standards of excellence. Every two years, there is input from outside stakeholders, other affiliates, and Network Headquarters.

Affiliate and Network leaders identify growth areas and develop strategic and tactical improvement plans for implementation over the two-year cycle. Top-performing affiliates in key progress indicators (KPIs) share promising practices with other affiliates through facilitated discussions.

Progress is continuously reviewed, and Boys Hope Girls Hope utilizes this internal evaluation to remain effective and impactful in our work.

Illinois Scholars


Our partnership with parents, guardians, and families is collaborative and supportive. We work together and include parents in goal-setting and decisions related to their scholar. Program participation is voluntary and expands the scholar’s network to include other Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars, collegians, alumni, team members, and mentors from the community.


Know of someone you’d like to refer for the program? Here’s why you should consider:

Our program is designed to help motivated young people who need the space to thrive with a sturdy foundation for success. We enhance the education of our scholars by providing individualized guidance and maintaining stability and structure in a nurturing environment. Each scholar participates in many enrichment opportunities to support academic and personal development. The Boys Hope Girls Hope experience is a long-term, voluntary, and holistic program.

Criteria for admission:

  • Age: Between the ages of 10 and 14 when applying.
  • Positive Behavior and Motivation: The willingness and capacity to engage positively and respond productively in the program and partner school settings.
  • Commitment: The young person and their guardian understand the responsibilities and benefits of program participation and choose to participate fully.
  • Demonstrated Need: Financial and other systemic barriers threaten the realization of the young person’s potential   

Boys Hope Girls Hope does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or disability in admission decisions. 

We have affiliates in major cities across the US, and in two countries in Latin America.

We lead, support, strengthen, unify, and mobilize our local affiliate teams.


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