Now more than ever,
you can give hope.

Your gift to the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network supports our initiatives to provide whole-person development programming, scholarships and career pathways to young people who have tremendous ability and just need the opportunity.  

A gift of any amount supports our young scholars and collegians across our Network of 16 affiliates in the following ways:

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  • Programming that develops skills, self-assurance, reflection, and community engagement while connecting young people to peers across the Network
  • Best practices and training for the local teams guiding our scholars day-in and day-out 
  • College scholarships, networks of support and university partnerships that lower debt and
    remove obstacles to degree completion 
  • Connections to corporate internships and employers to support career launch 
  • Access to technology for work and learning when these resources are more important than ever

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We pledge to ensure your investment has the impact that it merits. We continue to enhance our Performance Management Tool, utilizing peer accountability and support across our affiliates and International Headquarters.

This consistent evaluation allows us to assess our data-centric, outcomes-oriented programming. Our ability to generate real-time data gives us the opportunity to provide maximum transparency to our stakeholders.

For more information about our revised Performance Management Tool, visit this page. View our financial information and our Annual Report by clicking the links below.

Additionally, Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. Please click here to read our Donor Privacy Policy.

Boys Hope Girls Hope International and all affiliates undergo an annual audit. This transparency enables us to demonstrate our sound stewardship of the resources invested by our generous donors.

The audited financial statements and the 990s of Boys Hope Girls Hope International can be found below:

Audited Financial Statements

BHGH Network Headquarters 990s

BHGH Affiliate Combined 990s

Annual Reports

Success Stories

Nurses Appreciation Week | Alumni Edition

National Nurses Appreciation Week | Alumni Shoutouts

Thank you to the many nurses within the Boys Hope Girls Hope family! In celebration of National Nurses Week, Boys Hope Girls Hope reached out to a few of our many alumni throughout the Network who are nurses. These nurturing individuals have pursued a variety of specialties, but there is a common thread among them […]

New York Scholar Earns Prestigious Scholarship

New York Scholar Earns Prestigious Scholarship

“I found out about the opportunity over the summer but was hesitant to apply because there are so many applicants,” Sadiqah said. “I decided to put myself out there and see what happens.” Even after making it to the second round, Sadiqah still wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue the process. It wasn’t until […]

Collegian Spotlight | Latoya Holmes

Collegian Spotlight | Latoya Holmes

The Boys Hope Girls Hope Steward Scholars program has played a vital role in supporting collegians pursuing STEM, business, and arts fields on their journey to and through post-secondary access and career launch by providing scholarship funds, professional development, networking, mentoring, and opportunities for internships.  Holmes recently completed a summer internship with World Wide Technology […]

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