Our Supporters

Investing in young people is our hope for the future.

With support from the following partners, we are nurturing and guiding motivated young people to become well-educated, career-ready people for others.

Boys Hope Girls Hope thanks the following donors for their generous contributions between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023.

Investors in Hope



In addition to investments of employee time and product donations, including vital Meraki technology, Cisco’s Regional Solutions Grant is supporting the rollout of the Boys Hope Girls Hope My Road platform and online curriculum that prepares scholars for life, college, and careers.

Edward Jones

Edward Jones funding and volunteers were instrumental in creating and launching the Legacy Leader Development Summit, a two-day initiative held at our headquarters in St. Louis for Boys Hope Girls Hope collegians and recent alumni to network, meet industry leaders, improve their job search skills and marketing their skills and experience in their resumes, and hone the edge of their career paths.

Emerson Charitable Trust

A stalwart of philanthropy in our region and beyond, Emerson continued its many years of strengthening opportunities for youth in need at Boys Hope Girls Hope with a generous grant supporting our vision to scale our impact and reach more young people. The Boys Hope Girls Hope Network board and the board of our affiliate in St. Louis have benefitted for many years from Emerson team members' dedicated leadership and service.

Intel Corporation

A generous Intel RISE Technology Initiative Grant is supporting work to make the Boys Hope Girls Hope My Road online curriculum accessible to scholars at our affiliates in Guatemala (Esperanza Juvenil) and Mexico (Ser y Crecer) while also providing needed technology for new classrooms being built at Esperanza Juvenil as part of their expansion to serve more scholars. Intel volunteers will be installing the technology in Guatemala and will continue hosting Intel Future Skills programs for scholars at affiliates across the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network.

Johnson Scholarship Foundation

We’re thrilled to partner with this amazing organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged young people overcome individual barriers to education, successfully transition into the workplace, and contribute to their communities. The foundation’s generous three-year challenge grant provides direct scholarship support for Boys Hope Girls Hope collegians and inspires others to support this critical aspect of our mission.

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Dedicated to partnering with nonprofits to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the United States can build healthy, productive, satisfying lives, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation continued its journey with us with a grant to fund Boys Hope Girls Hope’s post-secondary support programming, our My Road platform and online curriculum to prepare scholars for life, college, and careers, and critical elements that are laying the groundwork to scale our reach.

Micron Foundation

Established in 2023 through Micron’s AAPI Justice and Advocacy Fund, the Boys Hope Girls Hope Micron Foundation Scholars program exists to create greater opportunities for scholars of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Each Micron Scholar receives a scholarship toward their education.

John Templeton Foundation

The John Templeton Foundation is funding a three-year project focused on deepened curiosity, purpose, and perseverance. “Accelerating Youth Character Development by Leveraging the Power of Youth Peer Groups” will energize a dynamic network-wide collaboration focused on honing the inherent strengths of our young people to set and achieve their own goals within larger age group cohorts.

Valhalla Foundation

A fantastic partner, the Valhalla Foundation investment has been instrumental to our evolution and positioned us for growth. This includes strengthening our core programming across the Network through “ALL In (Act. Learn. Lead)” experiential learning that involves social justice and heritage exploration, and focusing on data-driven performance through developing our Performance Management Tool has become the established system for evaluation and improvement across the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network.

World Wide Technology

Across our Network, WWT employees serve on our boards and share their expertise through speaking engagements, web design, networking, technology consulting, and connections to internships. The Boys Hope Girls Hope World Wide Technology Scholars program, now in its seventh year, supports our collegians pursuing careers in STEM, business, and the arts with scholarships, internships, mentoring, and access to industry conferences.

Nancy and Richard Arnoldy
Nancy and David Danis
Mike de Graffenried
For the Love of Mateo
Mary Carol and Michael Honquest
Kimberly and Joseph Koenig
Lynn and Jack Malloy
Maya Educational Foundation
Paige McClellan and Basil Alwan
Midge and J. Patrick Mulcahy

Porticus North American Foundation
Raymond Family Foundation
Mary Pat and Thomas Santel
Linda and Ronald Smetana
Berdenia and Thomas Stanley
Karen Steadman and Robert Lloyd
Aja and Patrick Stokes
Joan and John Vatterott
Luis von Ahn Foundation
Yagan Family Foundation

Champions of Hope

Edward Anderson
Bellarmine College Preparatory
Black Entertainment Television
Jana and Steven Carani
LeAnne and David Conway
Lynn and Joseph Danis
Dodge & Cox
Douglas Durkin
Kristin and Stephen Embury
Catherine Manley Gaylord Foundation
Michelle and Christopher Growe
Light A Single Candle
David Littlefield
Beth and Patrick Moore
Lisa and Brian Moore
Jeanne Olivier and Robert Dineen, Jr.
Barbara and Bryn Ostby

Safety National Casualty Corporation
Anja and Jay Schmelter
Courtney and Robert Sprague
St. Louis University High School
Ruth and Francis Stroble
Shannon and Jeff Taylor
The West Foundation
Virginia and Jim Whims
Deborah and Mark Wilhelm
Jeanne and John Wunderlich

Leaders for Hope

American Ultimate Disc League
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Tatiana Arteaga and Andrew Teo
Corinne and Christopher Brooks
Lucy and Thomas Danis
Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Lisa and Patrick Flavin
Pamela Giss and Bernd Ruschmeyer
Rebecca and Bill Homan
Lodging Hospitality Management
McNamara Purcell Foundation
Suzanne Mondello
National Group Protection
Henry E. Niles Foundation, Inc.
Sandra and Lawrence Otto
Kathy and Dave Schmitt
Katie and Jeffrey Schwaneke
Peggy and Patrick Sly
Judith Kay and Roger Smith
Laurie and Raymond Van De Riet
Jacque and Gerald Wolken

Builders of Hope

Beth and Andrew Daecher
Carolyne Guss and Dave Fraleigh
Victor Leche
Kathy and Jeff Lipkin
Patricia and Mark Mantovani
Joan and Richard Marra
Elizabeth Mullany
Kristin Ostby and Benito Barillas
Molly Shaffer and Paul Minorini
Robert Viragh
Lhea and Tom Wiese

Friends for Hope

Arrow Box Company of Joplin
Michael Brown
Ann Carreau and Charles Henry
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Courage Sans Peur Foundation
DCA Family Foundation
Claudia and Kevin Denuccio
Paul Douglas
Donna and Francis Doyle
Geraldine Delorme and Kemal El Moujahid
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Michele and Peter Faulkner
River and Bill Fronczak
Jeffrey Galbraith
Michael Garry

Betsy Hegg
Dorothie and Martin Hellman
Kimberly and Reggie Hines
Heather and Adam Hopkins
Laura Hurley
Heather and Andrew Kin
Stephanie Klose
Colleen McCarthy and Michael Economy
Betsy and William McKiernan
Gidge and Thomas Melzer
Ezra Mersey
Sonia Mockett
Robb Monkman
Kenneth Morrison
Rashmi and Ram Nair

Renee Peace
Jason Pernell
Cheryl Rackers
Renaissance Charitable Fund
Regina and Richard Roney
Carlotta Sansone
Kristin and John Sheehan
Stifel Financial
Gayle and David Stratmann
Joseph D. Thiel
Emeline and Karl Thomsen
Nancy and Paul Tice
Patricia Tyler
Joan Willingham
Sharon and Daniel Winnike

Seeds of Hope

Elizabeth Adefioye

Yusuf Ali

Jolie Alois

Glori Alvarez

Scott Anderson

Joanne and Ernest Andrade

Aditi Angle

Oliver Bacus

Charles Bae

Bank of the West

Daniel H. Barrera

Joe Barrera

Laura Barrera

Tamika Barrera

Carmita Bass

Andrew Battaile

Carol Baum and Dick Ravin

Maureen and Steve Baumer

Scott Becker

Erin Beezley

Vicki and Ilan Ben-Yaacov

Aviva Berezin

Teresita Bermudez

Michelle Bhatia

Richard Bollmer

Claire Bonti

Joshua Brady

Veronica Juarez Briones

Fabian Brown

Marion Brown and Gabriel Garcia

Linda and John Buffa

Carmen Calderon Llobet

Anita Cape

Johanna Caplan

Emily Cardwell

Christina Caruso Clerico

Johnetta Carver

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Jenny Cheung

Nicole Chini

Maki Cho

Ellen Cleary

Deborah and William Clifford

Anthony Colantonio

Luis Colon

Christian Comito

Community Thrift Store

Michael Corr

Patricia Cummins

Jonathan Curth

Kassandra Davey

Ben Davis

Corey Davis

Frank Davis

Margaret Depopolo

Nancy DeSalvo

Kyle Donahue

William Donius

James Donohue

Molly Hanks Doyle and Brian Doyle

Antony Drew

Sally Eilerman

Eugene Elrod

Julia Fabian

Courteney Fanti

Nick Flores

Lee Franc

Kevin Frank

LaTricia Frederick

Ryan Frederick

Steven Fricano

Marie Frochen

Carolyn and Peter Gabbe

Erin Gamble

Jennifer Garris

Susan Gilles and Brian Hipp

Susan and Bill Gould

Carol Grace

Rhonda Grammer

Eric Grant

Elise Gresch and Chad Sachs

Matt Gunn

Samuel Hall

Dustin Hanson

Morgan and Dennis Hanzlik

Rob Harker

Holly Harris

Paul Haynes

Bill Hegg

David Heineck

Gretchen Henderson

CR Hibbs

Michael Higgins

Chris Hipp

Mike Hipp

Christina Hoffman

Phakisha Horne

Judith Horrell

James Howard

Suzanne and Ken Hunt

Alyson Hunter

Mary Incontro and Timothy Stanceu

Jesus Ituarte

Mary Ellen and Tom Jackson

Marika Jakubovska

Irma Jantes

Deborah Jesse


Nicole Johnson

Angela Jones and Daniel Cuevas

Brendan Jones

Frasher Kempe

Charles Kenney

David Kent

Sue Kim

Nicole Kimball

Gladys Kline

Lana Knupp

Jacqueline Laughlin

Kelly and David Laughlin

Jan and Patrick Lawler

Valerie Lebron

Kevin Lee

Jill and Seth Levin

John Lewis

Cedric Lockhart

Matthew Luckett

Biegel Macaraeg

Nancy Maglio

Patricia and John Magovern

Maria Jose Rodas Malher

Patrick Manzo

Alyson Marin

Pamela Mayerfeld

Karen McDonald

Joseph McGlynn

Scott McGregor

Mike McKay

Kevin McMahon

Waldo McMillan

Monika Medina

Nelly Melian

Avis Meyer

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Michael Moellering

Jeffrey Moore

Michelle Morreale

Janice Morris

Sara Moulder

Ann and Paul Murphy

Lisa and Brad Nelson

Carolyn Newman

NFL Foundation

David Nix

J. Michael Nolan

O. Richard Nottidge

Patrick Odle

Mary and Karl Ostby

Sandra Palumbo

Sara Paracha

Alan Paradise

Noah Parrish

Katie Patterson

Valerie Patton


Sithumini Peiris

Anna Pernell

Charles Peterson

Michael Philbrick

Brian Posnanski

Chaley Poth

Michele Pridmore-Brown

Scott Purdy

Aura and Patrick Quinn

Fr. Richard Rath

Rosalind Reese

Tamee Reese

Carol and Jon Richards

John Rivers

Martha Roberts

Sue and John Rogers

Jennifer Rolf-Weaver

Andrew Romero

Caroline Rose

Joan and Robert Rosen

Elizabeth Rothenberg


Ofelia and Rhetta Salinas

Diego Samayoa

Lisa and Sonny Sanders

Daniel Sarell

Janet and Victor Schachter

Brian and Erin Schiber

Kyle Schiber

Noël and David Schiber

Samantha Schiber

Stephen Schiber

Catherine Schmelter

Kristina Schmelter

John Schnebly

Kip Schroeder

Jeffrey Schwartz

John Schwarz III

Kathleen and Peter Schweiss

Kelly and Bernard Schweiss

Noah Scott

Gregory Scruggs

Kathryn Sharplin

Deborah Shelton

Robert Sheridan


Barbara Sih Klausner

Stacy Silveira

Gretchen Sleeper

Kirk Smith

Amy and Michael Southard

Scott Spaulding

Sarah and Lincoln Spoor

Rebecca Stone

Alexandra Sullivan

Jeanette and Robert Taylor

Lynn and Tom Trieschmann

Wayne Valentine

Connie Van Horn

James Vaughn

Laurent Vincent

Aileen Vo

Jason Warfield

Laura Wetherly

Richard Wheat

Erica Whyte

James Williams

Kent Williams

Carey and Noah Wintroub

Paula Wittman

Richard Wittman

Esther Wojcicki

Patricia Wolfe

Erica Woodruff

Samuel Woolsey

Margaret Yancey

Elaine Young

Norman Yung

Boys Hope Girls Hope is building strategic partnerships that maximize outcomes for our scholars.


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