Kristin Ostby with Guatemalan scholars

“Nonprofits rely on so many voices to fulfill their mission—and the ones that evolve and thrive make sure to listen, above all, to the voice of the people they serve. I’m grateful to Nonprofit Pro for the chance to share my observations on the power of engaging with Boys Hope Girls Hope alumni. These amazing people have taught me so much in leading an organization that aims to continue making a relevant, robust, and meaningful impact in the world.”

“…we’ve been thoughtful in shifting our approach from solely asking alumni to share their stories of how the organization impacted their lives to creating opportunities for them to engage and lead within the organization — whether that is serving on one of our boards, on our team or as volunteer mentors. There are currently nine alumni serving on boards across our network, 22 alumni who are Boys Hope Girls Hope affiliate team members and many others who contribute in distinct ways. We hope to grow these numbers in the years ahead.”

Recently, NonProfit PRO, the go-to source for nonprofit management and strategy, invited Boys Hope Girls Hope President & CEO Kristin Ostby de Barillas to share her insights on “Building Engagement With Our Most Important Stakeholders—the Individuals We Serve.”

NonProfit PRO covers topics ranging from internal issues such human resources and board and volunteer management to technology, tax and legal matters, news, and raising funds.

Boys Hope Girls Hope is thrilled that Kristin is among the thought leaders and innovators who are invited to share on this platform. In this recent article, she shares many thoughts on the importance of engaging with our alumni community, and more.